Being a mountainous country, the roads are quite attractive for adventure.

The adventure motorcycle is a dual-sport motorcycle that allows long-range touring both on-road and off-road capabilities. Adventures have high ground clearance (for off-road purposes), large fuel capacity, and under-stressed engines for high reliability. They may have rugged GPS navigation systems, wire-spoked wheels with road-legal knobby tyres, skid plates (to protect the engine and transmission during off-road use), and tough metal panniers.

Like touring on a motorcycle, adventure motorcycling usually involves an extended trip to an adventurous location, like a campsite. Furthermore, it helps if the campsite is located at the end of a long, unbeaten mountain trail, or, at the very least, a long lonesome highway, as the whole point of adventure motorcycling is to experience a bit of danger, excitement, and, of course, adventure.

Be it terrible weather, mechanical breakdowns, bumpy roads, or whatever else the universe decides to throw your way, adventure motorcycling is all about pushing your bike to its limits and having a blast while you’re at it.

NMFA has programs of tours and competitions of adventure rides.


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